AlgoUsdt (Algorand) now signal buy

by David

now signale buy for Algo Algo rank on CMC is #42 algo slowly and late move but after you got profit of others coin this late move can buy for later bullish wave

Support: 0.8653 Enter Point 0.8256 Sec Enter Point 0.7945 0.7648

for resisdance watch white lines that area can pullback prizze so can sell when close too that and taregts set close that

now break blue trend line powerfull resisdance now going for lemon line :)

after pull back on resisdance line can buy again.this new chanse

Resisdance: 0.9018 0.9405

Taregts : 1.0830 1.2555 1.4555

Taregts For HODL : 1.7966 2.3493 3.3030

Gl guys have good trade