Bitcoin Analyze (Counting Waves(Short term))!!!

by David

Hi Everyone, I think that finally, I was able to find the end of Micrwave 4 of main wave C , and now Bitcoin is dancing on Microwave 5 of Main wave C ( The End of Correction ) ❗️ I don't know that did you read my previous posts about Bitcoin analysis or not !? if YES , please read this post, if NO , first please read my post with the topic'' Bitcoin Analyze (Counting Waves)!!! ''. Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ) Timeframe 1h ⏰ Location🌊 : I think that we passed microwave 4 of main wave C at 42599$ . The shape of microwave 4 was Triple Three Corrections , and I was able to find the eleventh swing (Wave (Z)) + The structure of wave C of wave (Z) was Ending Diagonal . Live : Bitcoin passed microwave 1 of microwave 5 of main wave C and now we are on microwave 2 of microwave 5 of main wave C . I found microwave A & B of microwave 2 and we have to find the end of microwave C of microwave 2 . The structure of microwave 2 is a Regular Flat (Probably). Guideline s: The structure is called a ‘ Regular‘ Flat , if wave B retraces between 90 %- 105% of wave A , and the size of wave C is 100% – 105% of wave A ==it has complied ✅ End of microwave C of microwave 2 : 39960$ until 40080$ , this point can happen at our TRZ + We will have Bearish AB=CD Harmonic Pattern . I tried to show you our Resistance Zones & Suppor Zones that we have in front of Bitcoin . Resistance zones & Suppor Zones on Bitcoin's way (Respectively): Resistance zone: 39216$ until 39308$ ( Resistance+ Cluster of Fibs+ Weekly Pivot Point) Resistance zone: 39960$ until 40080$ ( Resistance+ Cluster of Fibs+ Regular flat(Guidelines)+ Bearish AB=CD Harmonic Pattern ) Resistance zone: 40650$ until 41000$ ( Resistance+ Cluster of Fibs ) Resistance zone: 41530$ until 41650$ ( Resistance+ Cluster of Fibs ) Resistance zone: 42600$ until 42800$ ( Resistance+ Cluster of Fibs ) Suppor Zone: 37729$ until 37380$ ( Support + Cluster of Fibs + Monthly Pivot Point + Yearly Resistance 1 )== Heavy Support Suppor Zone: 35940$ until 35660$ ( Support + Cluster of Fibs + Weekly Support 1 ) Also, we had a lot of Head and Shoulder Patterns at Microwave 4 of main Wave C . Probably the next one is uploading now again.👇 in addition, please visit this post 👇 My Suggestion : please do NOT buy Coins for Midterm and Long-term investment until the market finds a way. Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open). Please follow your strategy , this is just my idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post. Please do not forget the ✅ ' like' ✅ button 🙏😊 & Share it with your friends, Thanks, and Trade safe.