BTC - A path to follow till end of year ?

by David

Still following the crash pattern of 2018 and its working VERY WELL. It's a resume of my previous posts with XRP but I'm switching to BTC because it's more predictable.

Seems that there is a rejection of the daily 200 MA, + bearish daily divergence. 1. So, we might get back to daily 50MA around 36K OR the previous low around 38888.8888888, this low will be called the point A 2. From here we got 2 paths, to B or B' : last time, a retest of the high happened, so we might consider going up to the previous high again now 3. The next wave will go to A again - support becoming resistance, then we will get back to 30k mark 4. The F zone will be a succession of lower highs while 30k will still holds 5. The big dump at the end is when 30k broke, a 50% dump to G, where the low who should be the weekly 200MA

* Carefull, the arrows are not at the good time scale and the dump might happens at the end of year (?)

A beautiful green daily candle closing above the daily 200 MA around 45K might invalid my idea. So basically, I long this when its low level, around 30k marks and shorting this at point B and D. After the point D reached, I keep my shorts waiting the big dump.

And of course every alts will follow, but maybe with a different patterns, making lower lows instead of this flat 30k support as Bitcoin has. I will resume here and make a new idea each time a letter has been reached.

Cheers and good luck.