BTC Big Picture, Simple Waves Idea

by David

Kept it pretty simple, (I know my waves numbering is way wrong, I haven't watched all the YouTube videos yet lol), anyway I used Fibonacci and basic Elliot wave patterns to project a full impulse wave on the Daily. Lets see if BTC can run it up to $92250, wick out and find support around $69K with a final move breaking $12500K.

Currently sitting at 2.618 level, support wicked down to the 1.618 area during the correction wave, we have pushed through the 3.618 and we hit .618 within a FIB going down from the 4 to 3.618 zone. pretty cool to see that extra FIB layer. so I applied that to the 6 and 5.618 to get Wave 3 wick and a correction wave down to the 4.618 zone anddd then pow a final tap across the 8.618 zone to complete wave 5.

having some fun teaching myself Elliot waves!