BTC continuation of a bull trend until the end of the year 2021

by David

OK first things first. This is definitely not a bear market. USD fundamentals, BTC fundamentals and onchain analysis has proven we are in the middle of the trend not the end of it.

The local mid-year top was made with a wyckoff distribution which wasn't common thing for BTC in previous bull market cycles post-halving making me believe what happened in June-July was nothing but Wyckoff reaccumulation on a record low ultra-bearish sentiment by retail investors. BTC loves to repeat patterns hence wyckoff reaccumulation is priority idea for me since we got confirmed distribution in May.

The latter retest of 38.000 was a confirmation that BTC got out of this reaccumulation range meaning BTC is most likely off to the races for a Phase E into a second half of a 2021 bull market. Targets are above 100.000 per BTC most likely in between 150.000 and 250.000 by the end of the year.

Good luck everyone.