by David

Good morning to all my followers and others as well :-) Today, we are going to carefully looking at the daily time frame where for the first time the primary downtrend line resistance has been broken on a daily closing ! This should be seen as a positive signal but should also be considered cautiously for the time being !!! Why ? 1) There are potential bearish divergences in progress on several indicators; 2) Lagging line has not broken the clouds resistance zone and is still in the clouds (neutral); 3) There is also a potential double top in progress. Therefore, following the breakout above mentioned, it will not be surprising to see a pullback price action toward the former downtrend resistance line, currently around 40'500; interesting to note that this level also coincides with the TS or conversion line @ 40'630. Today's closing level should already give some additional clues for the upcoming session (s). Watch also carefully price action on shorter time frames which are already showing bearish divergences... Should my expectation be wrong, next resistance level to look at will be on a weekly basis at : 1) 43'813 ( MBB ) - intraday high so far 43'960 2) 46'747 ( KS ) ONLY A WEEKLY CLOSING ABOVE 46'747 WOULD NEUTRALISE THE ONGOING DOWNSIDE RISK IN OPENING THE DOOR FOR FURTHER UPSIDE TOWARDS 50'000 AND HIGHER LEVELS AHEAD OF THE HH @ 64'895 If you find my analysis value added for you please do not forget to like it and if you do not follow me yet, please, also add Ironman8848 in your following list. Many thanks in advance. Have a great weekend, have fun and take care, all the best and may your long goes up and your short goes down :-) Ironman8848