Btc; investment idea and heavy supports

by David

Hello everyone

As some of you know I use the % wallet strategy and I also like to explain my "layered investments" or Dollar cost average ( dca ) as some like to call it.

Anyway, we are currently holding about 34% crypto. Most of this was bought at 30k, 40k or even lower (1 year ago) but our most recent buys were at 45k zone. This were also alts (some of which are still in good profits: dot, lyxe, waves fully sold)

The next zones where I am aiming for are described in the chart.

I will be aiming for the 40-42k zone (where everyone aims for)

But a heavy buy is also under this at the (red square) 38k zone! Reason is 0.618 fib

Ending with the 0.5 fib zone: 35-36k. Also a bigger buy.

For now I want to reserve 49% stablecoins for a possible bearish leg, a lot has happened this year.. a lot of whaleplay too. The moneyprinter in the USA keeps printing and the SPX looks dangerously high. For this reason I am not going full bull atm. 51% is already a heavy investment for me.

If we go up from one of the zones and if things look more relaxed I will happily invest another 10% of the stablecoins.

Also I do not expect to hit zone 35k or even 38k, but who knows :-) we could be lucky!

can always invest extra later if we go up from here (45k). We got time enough since we sold 51500 past week and 64k a couple of months ago.

Overall.. I am feeling super bullish on crypto, but we simply can not turn a 100% blind eye to the stock markets as they are right now. As we like to say in the south of Holland "Everything beautiful knows an end". ( Aan al het moois komt een einde). I believe. Haven't heard this saying for ages hahah.

Anyway, don't skip on investing right now but do reserve some funds for the 42k or even 38k zone. Invest heavily and we will probably swim in crypto money in a few weeks.

If not: we are all rekt because of stocks; we simply hodl and wait for another 4 years while buying the 25k minus dip with the rest of our 49% stablecoins (or less if we decided to fomo in some more in the coming weeks :-) )