BTC money flowing into ETH!!

by David

Ethereum has been showing very high strength recently pumping even while BTC falls in price, and as BTC dominance gets lower and lower the altcoins and ETH will start to really explode! we have blew past many key areas recently like the pivot point , the first level of resistance and now the 0.2 FIB level, if we can manage to hold the 0.2 FIB for daily close tonight we are looking hella hella bullish! we have been scaling up the top of the bollinger band , we could see a continuation and keep shooting up more and more, i feel like we might see a little break around this 0.2 FIB maybe just a day to build support and cooloff before flying back up. Or theres the case where we keep on moving up, looking at the wave trend we are not really even close to the sell or the top zone we still have quite some room to run up still, also we have seen before it doesn't always come down right away there is times where it hangs up in the top zone for a little bit, either way i am super bullish on ethereum especially after todays london and eip 1559 upgrade! ETH is being burned now all day everyday anytime there is an eth transaction! think about that, supply is going to start shrinking and the demand is already high and will most likely get higher and higher! Not financial advice just my opinion!