btc primary.

by David

look for this wave 1 to top out at 45.5k that's also where the 200 daily simple moving average is, perfectly in confluence with our sub wave 5 target to put in wave (1) on a higher degree.

from there we should in theory see a mean reversion for wave (2) to about 34.7k the alternative is btc will have a flat correction , similar to last year, where it will move sideways for a month or two, rather than down.

if we do see the mean reversion for wave 2, that is the key entry for long positions on any alts, as well as leveraged longs on btc .

since btc wants to move up, we have to adapt to what the new data is showing us, and as of this moment that data points straight up.

wave 5 could see an extension to 100k+, but i'm being conservative with my analysis here, and giving it a 84k upside target.

better to aim lower, than higher.

best of luck to everyone, let's get it.