BTCUSD: Potential "SOS" $50,157 to $52,375 by Mid August, 2021.

by David

Hi Everyone! We still see more upward pressure in other time frames to last potentially to mid August in the 12-hour, 24-hour and 2-Day time frames. We will have to monitor as this plays out in regard to the "Mid August, 2021" date (On or around August 15, 2021). If upward pressure is to last potentially to mid August, then we have potential for the price action to move up higher during this period of upward pressure.

NOTE: "SOS" = "Sign of Strength" in Wyckoffian terminology.

YOU CAN CLICK on the plus (+) symbol in the bottom center of the chart to zoom in on the chart. You can click and drag the price bar on the right to EXPAND the chart, etc.... just like you do your own charts. So, please no complaints about the chart being scrunched up or cluttered. It doesn't look like that on my chart. It's TradingView's platform scrunching up the chart in it's published format.