Ethereum Forcast for year end 2021 $14,000

by David

Ethereum price forecast has target of $14,000 by 10th of January 2022 / December 2021. With the Bear Market starting in spring of 2022 after the blow off top in December of 2021/January 2022. Bear market should be ending in end of 2023 with a bear market low target in 2023 of $800 to $1,000 with total possible low of$500 to $800. I personally target $800 to $1,000 as the bear market bottom for 2023.

Considering all of the bullish upgrades it is reasonable to assume that price can repeat or come close to the historical returns from the last bull period in 2018. A $14,000 Ethereum would be + 350 % over the mid bull top set at $4,200 USD x 350% = $14,700 It can be noted that the bill market in 2018 produced slightly higher returns after its summer mid bull market correction and as you can see from this LOG chart of the price of Ethereum we are repeating history very closely so far !