Healthy skepticism. BTC macro rising wedge/bearish divergence.

by David

Bitcoin is here to stay, I truly believe it. I am bull on bitcoin . BUT when I look at its current trajectory, along with the current rise in market share among altcoins, I can't help consider the possibilities. The road to a $1 million dollar bitcoin (or whatever astronomical price target you're a fan of) may not be so clear cut. Will bitcoin reach 100k+ or even a million dollars? I think it could. BUT, the maxi idea that "bitcoin has never retested previous cycle all time highs, so it never will. number only go up", is EXACTLY why it could do such a thing. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not this market cycle but SOMEDAY in the not so distant future, we could see the biggest bitcoin crash in history (and consequently the next best buying opportunity). All I'm saying is, be careful out there new investors and DYOR