i think one more push to 45 46500 rejection n bleed off

by David

PS we taking profits last night n probably more later on if btc looks to reject or soft into that 45 46k again (unless we see super bullish trend lining up btc at 44500 to 46500 is the zone to consolidate and start to position to get out quickly if we see that shake out down to 30k 28 k n maybe even lower. 48k would be about my limit n the get out signe unless some crazy momentum picks up n we r obviously going to smash thro 50k n up which i very very very much doubt but will be prepared for non the less....

over the next week or so_ if continued some type of btc n eth sideways and alts continue to gain strength n momentum look for the long options on btc n eth to stack up lopsided to the up and then more likely we will see that sudden btc fall out like we saw when she surged to 39k and liquidated almost 900 million in short positions.

other version is we see a btc trend change sooner then other version when we see a sudden btc drop. this will continue to bag hold retail as the market seems to look like she wants to pump only to keep getting rejected as funds play on retail fomo.

sushi 1inch uniswap zks matic inj snx aave mkr lend yfi file cro vgx (do not sleep on voyager exchange ya all) okb ht chsb badger n reliable cross chain solutions see the ada's occam. fi or occ n project getting launched _cardwallet ada dot avax thore chain n rune token serum cosmos n some algo in case us stable coin pick. these r SOME of the majors it is hard to go wrong on esp if buy n forget (better time in future we believe to take stronger alt positions ie wait n see what market will do ie break 50k or back down to 30k to 26k for shake out _HGM