IOTA USDT need break 3 Resisdacne

by David

Iota can break resisdance can big move this project for future with public and all ppl use 5G Iota project is so good and fats going up but now can back on top with BTC move

IOTA Need Break 3Resisdance not fear this is east clsoe First Blue Trend short line sec Break resisdance point : 0.9977 last for BIG PUMP Break orang trend resisdance line GL

Supports: 0.8756 EnterPoint 0.7882 Sec Enter Point 0.7450 0.6987

Blue Trend Line and Orang Trend line is resisdance trend line but for find 1 point and know what resisdance break big move start is et resisdance for you

Resisdance : 0.9977

Taregts : 1.1367 1.3690 1.7345

Taregts for mid time and HODL : 2.3435 2.7420 3.4363


GL guys have good trade