LUNABTC Bull Flag - 47000 Satoshis next PT or $25

by David

LUNABTC has broken out of its wedge pattern and is performing superbly against BTC - the trend is your friend. Expect LUNA to breakout of the bull flag to continue this trend higher.

LUNA has done better than its peers and has a lot of fundamentals behind it as it is a top 5 stablecoin with a DeFi ecosystem as well as many other projects being built on top of LUNA that need to use LUNA in some way - creating demand for the token. Also on the consumer retail end - LUNA is used in Korea as a payment mechanism and it's gaining tons of adoption. They plan on launching this payment mechanism in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and many other surrounding countries.

Considering LUNA has outperformed BTC off the bottom while other coins have struggled, expect LUNA to outperform BTC on the way back to ATHs.

LUNA from a USD perspective could break $30 by end of August.