by David

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Welcome to this quick update on SHIB. Last time when I posted the SHIB chart it pumps immediately and gives us more than 30% sweet profit.

Now again SHIB is ready for one more move. As you see in the chart it is trading inside a big symmetric triangle. When it's break out from this triangle we can expect 50-60% profit from SHIB.

You can buy some here if you want to take a little bit of risk or wait for the breakout. But in both cases do not forget to put tight SL.

Entry range:- $0.000028-$0.00003

Target1:- $0.000034 Target2:- $0.00004 Target3:- $0.000046 Target4:- $0.00005

SL:- $0.000024

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This isn't financial advice. DYOR before investing.

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