SNX/USDT can reach 22$!

by David

Hi every one SNX / TETHERUS

SNX /USDT is ranging in a Big Ascending Triangle! this means The Price can Increase as much as the Measured Price Movement!( AB=CD ) but the break out has not happened yet so there are no confirmations! and if you take a Closer look you can see a Hidden Bullish Divergence (+HD) on MACD indicator! since Indicators show the Future of the Market we can expect a Bullish Movement to happen soon! If SNX manages to break the resistance (Top Line of the Triangle) we can expect the Price to reach 22$!

summery: -SNX is In an ascending Triangle -If the break out happens it's Gonna Reach 22$! -(+HD) on MACD -No break out,No confirmation!

Traders, if you liked this idea or have your opinion on it, write in the comments, We will be glad.

Things can change... The markets are always changing and even with all these signals, the market changes tend to be strong and fast!!

Thank you for seeing idea . Have a nice day and Good luck