Testing BTC VDVR since the February Pump

by David

You can see that BTC dumped at the previous intersection of the fibs which I called in my previous idea

Macro analysis of the Crypto market in relation to equities/DXY


ETH will certainly contest the upper red fib channel.

I expect heavy volatility between now and Sep 20-22.

That moon bullshit could happen again (as it was the intersection of my fibs) around these target dates due to the fact that there's another intersection there. Options plays at these levels would be smart, as it seems to always align with these weird Fib charts I've been concocting.

I imagine that ES may try to contest 4475 tomorrow. If that level is rejected and crypto charts look precarious, then we might see that weekly total candle dump rather than pump up to that weekly 2.4T close.

DXY had a nice dump on the day but is up right now in afterhours. I want to see folks flocking to AUDJPY and dollar dump. Not sure if this will happen. We need the CFTC to take charge. Gensler knows it. If this occurs, It will most likely be a massive moon mission for crypto, as investor protection will introduce true froth into the market.