TFuelUsdt big fall but can big rise

by David

Theta Ecosystem good fundamentall and rdy for big pupm but first need break Trend Resistance line when break can pump up realy good chanse now on Big Resistance you see with BTC Fall big fall but now on hard Support area so again BTC fall can fall but not more ithink adn rdy for pump when BTC move up. GL Supports: 0.3007 EntryPoint 0.2905 0.2628 0.2297

Resistance: 0.3178 0.3552

Targets: 0.3910 0.4687 0.5619 0.7273 1.0113

For HODL: 1.5361 1.9099 2.6155

It's your choice whether to buy this coin or not But this tripod has a good fudamental and the chart position is great for a good profit