UNI/USDT Main trend. Timeframe 1 week. Fractal potential

by David

The main trend. Timeframe 1 week. A coin with an interesting purple unicorn symbolism. I think everyone understands that this is not a scam. Group 2 coin. Pretty little history on coenmarket since 18 09 2020 "Twitter army" with 624 thousand subscribers. The coin currently has over 100 trading pairs on over 40 exchanges.

A pronounced uptrend. Fractal incarnation potential. Squeezes can be to the zone of the second specified level 16, it won't break the trend, the main thing that there is no long-term fixation under the trend.

Coin in the coenmarket: Uniswap(UNI)

UNI/USDT Secondary trend. Local work

UNI/USDT Secondary trend. Local work